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28 March 2008

Would you consider purchasing voluntary carbon credits when booking air travel?



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Marsh   (10 years ago)

Were all entitled to our opinions here and as always I keep an open mind and not simply believe the masses. Here is a little quote I would like to share. “As human-caused biodiversity loss and climate disruption gain ground, we need to keep our sights clear and understand that the measure of a threat is not a matter of whether it is made on purpose, but of how much loss it may cause. It's an ancient habit to go after those we perceive to be evil because they intended to do harm. It's harder, but more effective, to "go after," meaning to more effectively educate and socialize, those vastly larger numbers of our fellow humans who are not evil, but whose behavior may in fact be far more destructive in the long run." (Ed Ayres, editor of Worldwatch magazine, Nov/Dec 2001) Marsh.


jason brown | avaiki   (10 years ago)

oh for goodness sake! listen to yourselves!! all snarly and cynical, frothing at the mouth to outdo each others sarcasm, small town parochials with worldly-wise airs. In case you hadn't noticed, global timeframes for avoiding environmental collapse have shrunk from millennia, centuries, to less than 50 years. Only reason you guys are sucked into global warming denial is your main source of information: corporate media. One survey showed that the scientific community has been near unanimous about global warming being manmade for nearly 20 years, but the news media of which I am a part still, to this day, continues to quote a tiny percentage of ethically challenged naysayers, without context, as equally credible as the other 99% of world scientists. Duh.


Teralarch   (10 years ago)

Yet another scam from the airline WE OWN. The Govt should have let the whole airline disappear instead of bailing them out at our expense. We have already given them a billion dollars and still they want more out of us. Shove your global warming scam where the sun don't shine. Air NZ. I wouldn't fly with them anyway.


a   (10 years ago)

I'd doubt it 'america', but it is a bloody good idea!


america   (10 years ago)

do you think they will stop the staff dicount buying??? they could pay half what we pay and 80% could go for growing trees instead of us paying for it.


J   (10 years ago)

Even bigger scam than the one that started it ... DuPont's Freon scam early last century.


Jim   (10 years ago)

I will not pay AirNZ for their public relations campaign. They are charging enough already for their blasted fares - they can cover their own corporate responsibilities. If they then want to tell us what they're doing, so be it.


ROB   (10 years ago)

The Great Global Warming Swindal MUST WATCH

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