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Who should cover medical costs in dog attacks?


 The dog owner

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Gerry Elliman   (11 hours ago)

I shouldn't want the victim to get into any hassles about getting the dog owner to pay for treatment caused by their dog/s.But the dog owner should have to pay compensation to the victim,and this payment should be free of compulsory notification to Winz or Inland Revenue.


Jude   (19 hours ago)

The owner should pay but unless you saw it happen how could you identify the animal?

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Should prisoners be allowed to vote in general elections?




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god   (3 days ago)

some victims of these inmates lose the ability to vote because of what has been done to them.so I vote NO prisoners should not be allowed to vote in general elections.


Jessica   (5 days ago)

@Edwin There is New Zealanders and there is immigrants stop combing the two. Well saves me a heap of money on passport and travelling costs. I don't need to travel anywhere cause they are all here. Cheerz national.


Edwin   (7 days ago)

@Jessica, you seem to make a difference between New Zealanders and immigrants. Some immigrants are also New Zealanders. Some are not New Zealanders but are permanent residents. Some are neither. And to set the record straight, immigrants who are not New Zealanders or permanent residents cannot vote.


Jessica   (8 days ago)

Yes they should vote. They are New Zealander citizens all New Zealander have a right to vote this is their country not fucking immigrants. Our country is getting overrun by immigrants.


SteveW   (9 days ago)

I've worked in the prison system in New Zealand. People go to jail as punishment, not for punishment. I got best results with prisoners by treating them like the people they need to be when they get out. I have no issue with them voting. This whole issue is a distraction from the TPP which will see NZ lose sovereignty to corporations. It's pure wedge politics out if the American conservative playbook. I thought kiwis were smarter than to fall for this rubbish.


gerry elliman   (9 days ago)

It ha s always been my contention that incarcerated people should lose various rights that they would normally enjoy once they disregard the very fabric of our society,and voting is one of those right.