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Should John Key resign over the Dirty Politics affair?



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John   (20 days ago)

Who in politics does not lie?


Steve W   (20 days ago)

Key lied to Parliament and everyone else. If that isn't a reason for an elected representative to resign, then nothing is. How can voters ever trust a proven liar? This is test of the ethics of the whole National Party. I expect they will fail. They usually do on ethical issues.

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How do you feel about changing the New Zealand flag?

   52%It should stay the same

   38%Depending on the proposed design I would vote for a change

   10%It should be changed

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IH   (1 month ago)

I can think of better things to be spending tax payers money on and it's not changing the flag!


Paul   (1 month ago)

Total waste of money


Frances   (1 month ago)

There are more important things needed with our money then to up John Key's ego by wasting it on a new flag. Do what we are doing now and use silver fern on a Black background for sports teams travelling overseas. It is well recognised and respected.


Jude   (1 month ago)

II think our flag is fine and even though many say it is hard to see the difference between ours and Australia I haven't had this problem as I know my flag!! It would have to be something really special to make me want to change.


Tian   (1 month ago)

The thing here is that the money spent on this type of things could be better used for like making sure people who can't afford to feed their existing kids don't get to make more babies.Or the money can be used to review how TV3 could have a half an hour prime time programme dedicated to Labour / Green coalition.


Jason   (1 month ago)

Why are we wasting money on such a thing?