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Men living as women competing in professional sporting and athletics events should be allowed to enter as:




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ih3   (16 days ago)

You need to be more specific in your question as I can't answer this without further information. If they are men cross dressing as women then they need to compete as men but if they are men transgendering to women then they should compete as women.

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Should the New Zealand head of state be a New Zealander?



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A meri ca   (20 days ago)

I can't vote as I want things to stay the same. I can't think of any person suitable yo be President.


ih3   (20 days ago)

I agree with Steve and anonymous; why change what already works well. I don't see what the deal is with trying to change the flag, and head of state etc. We are to small to govern as a republic!


Anonymous   (20 days ago)

Why change things when they work quite well now.? Seems to me that the country is hell bent on changing everything. NO WAY.I agree with Steve,


SteveW   (20 days ago)

I voted No because the current head of state is the Queen. If it were to be anyone other than she out her heirs the answer would be yes, but that isn't the question you asked. I'm also fairly certain that if push came to shove the Queen (and her heirs) would be deemed to be New Zealand citizens.... Though the issue of citizens being loyal to the Queen would tend to underscore she is the source of our citizenship in legal terms.